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On This Masterclass You Will Discover:

  • Why integration trumps growth on the quest for true personal power.

  • Why 99% of goals are destined to fail due to the biggest myth in personal development that limits your vision and scope of influence.

  • How The Conception of Self is the most powerful vehicle for creation, but is also a source of limitation unless it is managed consciously.

  • Why embracing the parts of you that lie in your shadow is the key to unlocking your true capability.

  • How to make evolutionary biology stop working against you, and start working for you.

  • Why all leaders have to first learn to influence themselves before they can influence others.

  • How to take control of the narrative of your own life, write a better ending and become the hero of your own journey.

By the end of this masterclass you will understand the 4 strategies to end self-sabotage, and reach the next level in your personal evolution. 

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About Founders Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne:

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Colton Swabb

Colton Swabb is an author, lecturer, and advisor to many of the world’s leading personal growth and peak performance leaders. He is known for his teachings on creativity, self-mastery and human behavioral sciences. After his successful career in marketing, where he known for launching New York Times Bestselling books and selling millions of dollars in online courses, Colton partnered with Gavin Abeyratne in 2015 to form the education company, Type One Media.

Since then, the duo have used their unique capabilities to bring the leading edge of human wellbeing and performance into the mainstream. And continue to do so, in their new program tell-all masterclass: Unlocking Hidden Power.

Gavin Abeyratne

Gavin Abeyratne is an Australian author, entrepreneur and expert in human performance. His passions include economics, marketing, psychology and spending time with his family, Molly Steph and Ella.    

His mission is to elevate human consciousness and increase economic abundance through technology and automation.

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Colton lecturing leaders at the London School of Arts, in the Louis Vuitton room of Central Saint Martin's—King's Cross. 

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Gavin speaking on stage and sharing a panel with the head of Google, Asia. 

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Colton and Gavin speaking on leading international workshops in Malaysia, Australia and the USA.

What Others Say About Unlocking Hidden Power:

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"I feel like this was like taking the red pill! I'm so excited to be a part of this!

Dr. Uohna Thiessen 

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"An excellent explanation of human psychological development and its impact on how we are influenced and can influence others at each level."

Bob B.

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