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Go beyond self-awareness and discover what is really influencing you, and how you can take back control over your consciousness...

Introducing: Integral Influence

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Learn How To Influence Yourself and Your State On-Command For High Performance and Personal Growth

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Not Sure if The Course is For You? Keep Reading to Learn Why Self-Influence is the Most Important Skill of the 21st Century. 

For the individual in search of greater self-awareness and reaching their true potential…

Are you looking for a powerful way to understand yourself and your place in the world?

Do you crave knowing the truth, even if it isn’t always pretty?

Do you want to use what you learn to gain greater control and mastery over yourself?

So, you can perform your best, feel your best, and enjoy your life to a greater degree than ever before?

For many, personal growth is a way of a life. How well you feel, dictates how well you perform—and therefore your overall quality of life. And a greater level of self-awareness is a necessity to thrive.

So many meditate, think deeply, take personality quizzes and assessments in order to understand more about themselves and their world, but…

The More Self-Aware You Become, the More You Realize…

The thoughts you’re having…

The emotions you feel…

And correspondingly the actions you take…

Are not always conscious, deliberate, or thought-out choices.

But instead, reactions to what is influencing you at any given moment.

When you peer back the veil and become more aware of what’s going on in the subconscious and look closer at what is really driving you, the more you realize:

You are not the only one influencing your experience of reality.

The truth is…

You Are Being Influenced.

If you have a suspicion that there are active forces, which deliberately attempt to influence your thoughts, behaviors and perceptions…

You are right.

Whether it be the media, wanting your compliance to a certain narrative…

Companies, competing over your mind and attention …

Or even the people around you, who want you to stay the same of have certain expectations of you.

At any time, there are multiple forces of influence pushing and pulling you in multiple directions—draining your energy, distracting your focus, and compromising your wellbeing. Knocking you off your center. Undermining your performance.

In today’s modern hyper-connected, and over-stimulated world, this is more of a problem than ever.

And despite the negative consequences these influences have on our lives…

Most Still Underestimate Exactly to What Extent They Are Being Influenced

Most people have no idea the level of technology being used to influence them. Or how subtle, deliberate and insidious these influences are engineered to be.

How they remove options, by creating the assumption they don’t exist.

Create blindspots, with how you perceive and interact with reality.

Confine your personal power to a much more limited degree than you are truly capable of.

Truly, these influences are numerous, come from all directions and cause many of the problems most people face.

People who ignore these influences, or never become aware of them:

- Are often surprised with how anxious or pessimistic they feel, or experience a sense of futility that overcomes them from time to time.

- Experience endless resistance when trying to achieve their goals, leading to overworking and burnout…

- Feel like patterns in their life repeat themselves over and over again. Relationship issues. Wealth creation issues. With no seeming way to stop the cycle.

- The feel exasperated and fatigued by a thousand paper cuts. Taking one step forward and two steps back most of the time.

- Commonly waking up on day asking themselves,How did I get here?”

- Feeling like a passenger in their own lives.

The only lasting solution?

Go Beyond Self-Awareness

No one likes to think they are being influenced or acknowledge that they aren’t the only ones in control.

But the real danger lies in stopping at the level awareness where you know the influences exist… but still don’t understand how they influence you.

Because the more you understand how these influences control you….

The more you can discover how to use the same influences to influence yourself.

And go beyond self-awareness and influence yourself as a path to self-mastery.

Just as most people underestimate to what extent they are being influenced, most people underestimate what is really possible when they take control and influence  themselves.

Discover What Is Possible When You Influence Yourself.

Those who consciously influence themselves:

- Remove the resistance between themselves and their goals. Feeling like they have the wind in their sails.

- Feel at peace with themselves, their family, their community and overall place in the world.

- Are more self-accepting, self-loving and experience true self-knowing.

- Perform their best not just when they need to, but when they want to.

- Feel confident in themselves, their decisions, and are more capable of handling anything that comes their way.

- They don’t simply react to the events in their lives, they anticipate what happens next or even go beyond to create what they want for themselves.

- They are driven by curiosity, not anxiety or fear. Moved by passion and excitement for what intrinsically motivates them.

- They aren’t held back by their circumstances and live up to their potential.

Win the War on Consciousness

Right now, billions of dollars are being spent, and hundreds of thousands of programmers, journalists, and marketers are spending every waking hour trying to find new and radical ways to capture your attention. Harvest your data. And change your mind.

There is a war going on for your attention, and you’re caught right in the middle of it.

And in this war for your attention, there is only one way to win:

To understand your influences and master using them to influence yourself.

Not only stopping others from using them against you.

But replacing their negative influence… with your own unrelentingly positive one.

To reach the highest levels of personal and professional development.

But you may be wondering...

How do we know this?

Because we did this.

For the last decade we’ve been behind the scenes mastering the tools of persuasion. Creating timeless campaigns, organizing movements, launching New York Times Bestselling Books…

And as much as we could, using these tools for good. Promoting happiness and wellbeing, peak performance and leadership development.

Using marketing, media, storytelling—and these influences, to take the bleeding edge and make it mainstream.

But the more we used these methods to promote wellbeing, consciousness and conscious evolution—the more we realized others were using the same to divide and conquer. To hold people back, or limit their potential.

Which is when we realized the only real way for people to overcome these influences, was to level the playing field. Teach them what was influencing them…

And empowering them to use the very same forces to positively influence themselves.

Your Integral Influence Instructors: 

Colton Swabb

Colton Swabb is an author, lecturer, and advisor to many of the world’s leading personal growth and peak performance leaders. He is known for his teachings on creativity, self-mastery and human behavioral sciences. After his successful career in marketing, where he known for launching New York Times Bestselling books and selling millions of dollars in online courses, Colton partnered with Gavin Abeyratne in 2015 to form the education company, Type One Media.

Since then, the duo have used their unique capabilities to bring the leading edge of human wellbeing and performance into the mainstream. And continue to do so, in their new program tell-all program: Integral Influence.

Gavin Abeyratne

Gavin is a consultant known for his work combining economics, marketing and behavioural psychology. After mastering these skills as an entrepreneur, he built a music education company with two friends from high school, and scaled it using digital marketing, allowing him to live location independently for years, before selling his share to his co-founders.

He is passionate about helping individuals ride the waves of change to enjoy greater mental and material well-being. 

Colton lecturing leaders at the London School of Arts, Central Saint Martin's—King's Cross. 

Gavin speaking on stage and sharing a panel with the head of Google, Asia. 

Colton and Gavin speaking on leading international workshops in Malaysia, Australia and the USA.

When teaching these methods publicly, we realized that when people became aware of what was influencing them… not only could they become more resilient to these influences…

But they could also use them to easily, effortless move themselves and empower them to achieve their goals.

Once we discovered this, and how effective and insightful it was for so many, we knew the only we had to make this knowledge more accessible to those who would benefit from it most. 

For you. 

And now we’re teaching everything, in our new program: Integral Influence.

A revolutionary new method to go beyond self-awareness and influence your states on-command.

Integral Influence

In Integral Influence, we lay bare the tools of influence being used against you. Teaching you how to stop their persistent and consistent control over your consciousness, develop resiliency…

And use the very same levers to take back control and influence yourself into optimal states of performance, happiness, and a higher quality of life.

Turning the influences inherent control over you, into something that allows you to become you own greatest ally in your quest to achieve your goals.

What Are the Influences?

The influences come from…

The media. The stories being told that influence how you perceive and interface with the world.

Your environment. The people who are around you, the expectations they have of you.

Yourself. Childhood conditioning. Formative and traumatic experiences. The stories you tell yourself and the stories you tell other people. Which until you stop, will determine the path you take through life.

And numerous other places, both external and internal to you, consciously and unconsciously.

In this program we guide you through each and every one of them. Helping you gain more self-awareness on the effect they each have on you. And more importantly, teaching you how to use these same forces to influence yourself on-command.

How Do You Harness Them?

Each of the influences take control over your own personal power. Using you, to create your own resistance. To get you to create your reality, unconsciously. 

This is what Jung referred to when he said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

In Integral Influence, we make these unconscious influences, conscious.

Helping you grow in awareness through each module, over the course of 4 weeks. Each week, revealing how the influence works and how you can use heightened states of awareness to harness each influence and become the master of your own fate. 

What you will learn...

Integral Influence:
Course Curriculum

By the End of Integral Influence You Will:

- Discover exactly how you are being influenced
by the media, others and your own conditioning—how to minimize, stop and become more resilient to these influences.

- Develop the highest level of self-awareness of who you are, why you do what you do, and how you can take control over the forces directing your life.

- Use influencing yourself as a path to self-mastery to deliberately influence your state to match your tasks and give yourself the best chance to succeed at getting what you want.

- Live a higher quality of life, without compromise and more true to who you really are. More able to integrate with society, have healthier and happier relationships to others. And finally get out of your own way.

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In Integral Influence You Will Discover:

- How to stop being influenced by other people, the mainstream media and the cultural collective, to discover how you really feel, what you really want and what’s most important for you to do next.

- How self-mastery is the key to personal freedom, from other people’s expectations of you, grudges you hold against yourself and what holds you back.

- What level of consciousness you are currently at, what levels are available for you, and proven processes to reach the next level in your development.

- How to shift from temporary highs to persistent plateaus of wellbeing, so you can ‘stay in the pocket’ of optimal performance and at peace while increasing your productivity.

- The secret to shifting your state to match your tasks, so you can experience any state of consciousness you've experienced before to tap into its strengths and benefits on-command.

- What evolutionary biology can teach us about how social conditioning holds us back from happiness, and how to stop playing by the rules we all agree to and play a new game entirely.

- How to identify and and dissolve your conditioning, to react less, experience less triggers, less unnecessary stress and allow yourself to get what you want.

- The art of self-authoring, why patterns in life repeat themselves and how to rewrite the ending to your story while you're still alive. 

- How to find peace among the changing novelty of life, and become more accepting of yourself, other people and find your rightful place in the world as you go through your stages of development—proving growth doesn't have to be painful.

- The cost of task-switching that leads to overwhelm and burnout, and how to instead optimize your mind and performance based on your daily action economy.

- How to wake up from autopilot, and experience more of the joy of being alive.

- The real reasons you sabotage your success, get in your own way and reject what you’ve been unable to achieve yet—and how to stop this self-destructive cycle.

- How your level of influence on yourself and others is the measurement of your level of integration, and how to go beyond living 'in the work’ and instead lead by living by example.

- The real reason why you struggle to finish projects you start, get easily distracted by new projects and procrastinate—and how to rewire your mind for finishing projects, closing loops and seeing things through.

- How to go beyond the personal growth treadmill, and replace endless habits and seeking with powerful personal solutions that work for you.

- How to break free from the expectations of others, old obligations, and finally be seen and respected by others as you see yourself.

- Cultivate self-influence as a path to self-mastery, turning your body, mind and heart into your allies instead of your enemies.

- Why most of your fears are irrational and will not actualize, and what commonly ignored and unanticipated blindspots do actually stand a chance at changing your plans. 

- Redefine your relationship to self-love, self-acceptance and self-kindness, and treat yourself in a way that inspires others.

- Clarify and strengthen you personal principles for living, and refine your personal guidelines that keep you moving rapidly towards your personal goals and self-actualization.

- Become more self-assured and trust yourself, and become more in touch with your intuition, confident in the decisions you make and the reasons you make them.

- The most important personal investments to make in yourself, to keep yourself positively influenced and sustainably moving towards and past your goals.

- How your optimal performance and wellbeing comes from your unconscious, and to let your unconscious drive your life more often than not, so your conscious can just focus on enjoying the sights and scenery.

- How to integrated your ‘shadows' illuminate your personal blindspots, to gain strengths and resources you’ve denied yourself, move past the level you’re stuck at and be rewarded for it.

- The secret behind how your relationship to power determines whether you will succeed or fail when it comes to money, influence, relationships, discipline, and more.

- How to go from self-awareness, to self-control and beyond to self-mastery, having a proven unique approach for influencing yourself that works.

- The proven 2-step process to influence your state on command, leveraging decades in cognitive neuroscience, transpersonal psychology and peak performance physiology coaching.

- A new approach to sort and order all of personal growth, to help you match the method you need, when you need it, and stop wasting time on methods that don’t suit your level of consciousness.

- The most common ways professional sabotage their success, and why it has nothing to do with their skills, experience or even how good they are at what they do.

- The ongoing “media war” for your attention, and heuristics for how you can protect yourself from misinformation ideas, beliefs and opinions that are not your own.

- A 200 year old intellectual legacy of psychologists, philosophers and sages who have mapped out the levels of consciousness, and how to use this as an a la cart map and menu for states of being.

- How to integrate your levels of growth and show up in the world with less compromise, to know yourself more, feel more yourself, more of the time and powerfully upgrade the way you relate to others.

- How once you are able to stop being influenced, you can influence yourself, to gain direct control over your thoughts, the way you feel in your body and the direction of your life—even into unknown and unexplored territory.

- Why goal setting is not enough to achieve what you want, and how learning to navigate and influence levels of consciousness is the most accelerated path for personal and professional growth.

When the negative influences effect you in numerous ways, the benefits of becoming conscious of these influences and harnessing them to positively influence yourself are many.

Integral Influence is a form of functional philosophy. In each module, we go deep on the concepts, but always focus on what is useful, effective and pragmatic, so you can have direct experience of the states of consciousness others only talk about. 

Ready to begin?

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So, how does it work?

Use Integral Influence to Cultivate Personal Power

The reason Integral Influence can have an affect on so many areas of your life from relationships, happiness, to productivity…

Is because these areas are all influenced by that which influences you. And when you begin to influence yourself, you can benefit every one of these areas.


Every influence, from the pressures of other people, to the pressures of your subconscious… use the same thing to control you…

Your own personal power.

Resistance is created, because you create it. Action stops, because you stand in your own way. You lack the results you desire, because you deny yourself them.

Just not on purpose—that’s how the influences work.

They affect you at the level of consciousness… where your thoughts, behaviors, feelings and action stem from…

Which is why when you influence yourself at the level of consciousness—everything changes.

Influence Your States to Match Your Tasks

Have you ever wondered that maybe the reason why somedays it’s easy to get into work…

And other days you are met by unending resistance, procrastination, and struggle?

Some days it’s easy to talk to others, socialize and understand others and feel understood?

And other days you feel misunderstood like an alien, have no patience for others, or fumble through the steps of the social dance?

Have you ever wondered if maybe you were in the wrong state of consciousness for what you’re trying to do?

You see, the truth is… you shift through multiple states of consciousness throughout different phases of your life, and even throughout the day, as you adapt to the influences you come into contact with. Each state with their own strengths and weaknesses.

But when you influence yourself, you can put yourself into the state of consciousness that suits the tasks you’ve set for yourself.

When you shift your consciousness on purpose, everything you’re already doing to positively influence yourself becomes far more powerful. And you can discover new methods that work for you.

This is just one method that makes Integral Influence different from anything else you’ve tried before, but to give you a better idea:

Here Are 6 Things That Make Integral Influence Different From Anything Else You’ve Seen Before

1. Superior Integrated Design

After using these methods ourselves for a decade, and realizing this understanding was shared by everyone who was performing at the top of their game—we endeavored to sequence the architecture of external and internal influence. In order to help you build up resilience, and teach you how to influence yourself, your performance and your state of being to higher levels.

2. Remove Resistance

By addressing the numerous influences which are affecting you at all times, we help you remove the resistance and dissonance these influences create that hold you back from achieving your goals. Removing the procrastination, confusion, and overwhelm that makes achieving goals unnecessarily hard. So you can flow easily and effortlessly in the direction of your goals—intrinsically motivated and internally driven.

3. Neurodiversity

While everyone is influenced, all influences effect people differently based on neurodiversity. In this program we guide you through all facets of the influences, gain self-awareness about how they affect you, and discover methods of personal influence that are most effective for you—based on your unique mind, situation and experiences.

4. Illuminate Blindspots

As people grow and develop, they tend to develop blindspots in their development. Things just outside of their awareness that hold them back from further levels of self-awareness and being more effective at life. In this program, we help you integrate with previous or skipped levels of development, to illuminate blindspots and gain the strengths you may have been denying yourself by limiting yourself.

5. Integrated Higher Development

What you learn in Integral Influence is designed to equally benefit your personal, as well as your professional development. We see the two as intrinsically linked, and at the highest levels both vehicles for your true self-development. In Integral Influence, we teach you how to integrate these sides of your life and make more progress in both simultaneously, to reach your true potential.

6. Lead Yourself and Then Lead Others

First and foremost, the methods you learn in Integral Influence will help you lead yourself through uncertainty and critical junctures in your life. To create more of a life you want, and enjoy more of it while you can. But what you learn will also help you become more understanding and more able to lead others around you as well.

What you learn in Integral Influence will help you dramatically raise your level of self-awareness, your level of consciousness and will positively affect multiple areas of your life.

But one of the best ways to get an idea of integral Influence is really about, is to read about the experience of other member's in their own words.

What Other Members Say About Integral Influence

Read below what other founding members have to say about Integral Influence.

"Your Program is welcomed and timely. Thank you for offering it to us. Well done!"

"An excellent explanation of and commentary on human psychological development and its impact on how we are influenced and can influence others at each level.

The Negativity Bias that is our default operating system is especially being exploited at this time. Your Program is welcomed and timely. Thank you for offering it to us. Well done!"

Bob B. - USA

"I really love the idea that “self-influence”is the ultimate skill to gain for the 21st century. This is so necessary and important."

"Great content! I really love the idea that “self-influence”is the ultimate skill to gain for the 21 century. So necessary and important. I can attest from personal experience how much of the spiral of negativity bias and fear based thinking has impacted my health. I never thought of it as ‘lazy thinking’ before, but I guess it is when you don’t pull yourself up to question your assumptions. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Thanks!

Melanie L. - Australian

"This is great stuff. I have been studying NLP, Hypnosis and non-duality related talks for a few years now. You have put this material together nicely."

"Just joined the group and watched the first module. This is great stuff. I have been studying NLP, Hypnosis, and non-duality related talks for a few years now. You have put this material together nicely. Thanks!"

Chris T. - Canada

"I’m so excited to be a part of this group!!! I’ve already listened to all four recordings. I plan to listen again..."

"OMG! I’m so excited to be a part of this group!!! I’ve already listened to all four recordings. I plan to listen again, take notes, create mind maps, etc. Then listen a 3rd or even 4th time. This is like taking the ‘red pill’"

Dr. Uohna T. - USA

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We appreciate the kind words from our members, but at the end of the day, the best way for you to find out if Integral Influence is to try it for yourself. 

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“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu

Why now?

There’s No Putting Chaos Back in Pandora’s Box

You see, what makes Integral Influence so powerful, is the very same thing that makes learning the skill of  self-influence more important than ever.

And that is, once these methods were discovered there is no unlearning them. Once companies get used to the advantage they give them, once the media learned what buttons to push… they just continue getting better at pushing the buttons.

Now, the only recourse is to learn how you’re being influenced, so you can become resilient to it.

And in the process, raising your self-awareness to the level of self-mastery.

Because what influences you is only getting better at doing it.

Now self-awareness of these influences and your conditioning is not enough.

Not enough, that is, if you want to achieve your true potential and the bare minimum isn’t an option for you.

What used to be optional, and only for those seeking that extra edge, has become a necessity for everyone to learn.

Which is Why Now We’re Committed to Making This Accessible and Affordable for Everyone

Over the years, we’ve refined this content working with our private clients, who we have helped reach higher levels of personal and professional development.

And now, with the turbulent, challenging, and simply put… chaotic times, our priority is making this program and its teachings affordable and accessible to everyone.

To give you back control over your consciousness, and every resource you need to thrive.

Because if you can win now, you can win any time.

And we want to help you prove that to yourself.

Which is why, despite programs of this scope and magnitude normally charging for at least $1,000 we are not charing that today. Or even, half that.

Today, we are offering you to pilot Integral Influence as a founding member and secure the best price on it ever.

Joining now, for just $47.

Saving you over 75% and making now the absolute best time to join Integral Influence and experience the results for yourself.

We’re doing this because we want to put this program in the hands of as many people as possible.

Plus, when you join now…

You’re Protected By Our Unconditional 14-Day Guarantee

Right now, it feels like there is less and less control, and things are far less certain than they used to.

Being part of the reason why we’re putting this content out there in the first place, we want to help you thrive during these times.

Which is why when you join Integral Influence today, you are also protected by our unconditional 14-day Type One Media money back guarantee.

That means you get to try the entire first half of Integral Influence, gain self-awareness through each level, and apply its methods to positively influence yourself—and most importantly: experience results.

Or your money back, at your discretion.

We’re confident that what you learn will radically change your life and will be worth it. But it’s your call. All you have to do is try Integral Influence today to find out.

Special Discount: Become a Founding Member Now and & Enjoy 75% Off

At the end of the day, the only thing you can really trust is your own direct experience with something.

Which is why we are offering you the exclusive chance to join Integral Influence for 75% off.

Yes, the entire Integral Influence curriculum is yours for just $47, instead of $250.

So that you can join today, experience these methods for yourself, and find out what you think—knowing you’re joining at the best possible time and discount.

Saving over 75% off, getting grandfathered in to all future updates, and locking in Founding Member status and access, even when we change the price of the program later.

All you need to do to secure your discount and status, is join now from this page before this offer expires.

Plus, you’ll still qualify for our unconditional 14-day guarantee - which lets you try the over half of Integral Influence, before deciding if it’s right for you.

Experience Integral Influence Today

Here’s What You Get When You Join Integral Influence Now:

- The Full 4-Week Integral Influence online program to develop the skills of self-mastery and self-influences.

- A free LIVE webinar training with the instructors, with live Q&A and personalized ‘hot seat’ instruction.

- Instant Access to our Integral Influence Founding Member Group of other like-minded individuals, interested in self-awareness who are helping hold each other accountable to consciously directing their own personal evolution.

- And of course, our unconditional 14-day Type One Media money back guarantee.

Which means there’s absolutely no risk to trying Integral Influence now for just $47.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Only Goal Worth Achieving

Really, when your goals may not even be your goals… and you can never truly know why you’re doing what you’re doing…

It becomes clear there is really only one goal worth achieving:


It’s a tall order, but in today’s age, it’s a necessity.

The good news is, many of the benefits of self-mastery, from…

- Less negative emotions, stress, turmoil, doubt, and fear—and more and higher positive emotions of enthusiasm, peace, and compassion for others.

- Awareness of what your needs really are, and how to effectively meet them, for true, and deep self-satisfaction.

- More control over yourself, show up in the world with less compromise, and better relate to others…

Come from the persistent pursuit, not the achievement of self-mastery.

You have so much to gain by taking Integral Influence today. If even one word on this page resonated with you today, follow that instinct and find out why.

Really, we’re making this as accessible as possible. And only charging $47 to make sure you’ll take the time, even if once this weekend to go through and apply its methods.

Because we know if you do, it will dramatically affect the way you see yourself, the world, and empower you to better.

Besides, ask yourself…

What do you have to lose?

- Living with a lower level of self-awareness and missing a crucial insight about yourself that will change the way you live…

- Spending too many days in the wrong state of consciousness, too held back by negative influences, and compromising your performance on something important…

- Not gaining clarity on what influences are really affecting you and driving you, and wasting more days just getting by, settling for the bare minimum or incremental improvement.

Settling for less than what you’re really capable of.

If $47 today can help prevent this, isn’t it worth it?

Experience Integral Influence Yourself Now

Here’s What You Get When You Join Integral Influence Now:

- The Full 4-Week Integral Influence online program to develop the skills of self-mastery and self-influences.

- A free LIVE webinar training with the instructors, with live Q&A and personalized ‘hot seat’ instruction.

- Instant Access to our Integral Influence Founding Member Group of other like-minded individuals, interested in self-awareness who are helping hold each other accountable to consciously directing their own personal evolution.

- And of course, our unconditional 14-day Type One Media money back guarantee.

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