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Most personal and profession growth only addresses the symptomatic issues, ignoring the core challenges stopping you from reaching the next level of your growth. At Type One Media, our approach to media and education is different.


Our programs address the necessary personal changes that need to occur in order for you to achieve your goals. So, that by the end you are happy with the progress you've made and who you've become in the process.


Our programs take the best of every paradigm and discard the rest. We do this by addressing the whole human and share every 'best of' in every discipline useful in achieving your goals—leaving nothing out in the process.


Our programs share the philosophy behind why things work, but our core focus is 'results.' If it works, we share it. And at the end of the day, we measure our success by yours. 

At Type One Media we create education to help you...

Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Find The Others.

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The Truth About Consulting

Most of our lives is spent working. But how we work, and how efficiently we do what needs to be done—determines our sense of security, happiness and fulfillment. In this presentation discover a proven framework for driving growth in your consulting business using automation and technological leverage. 


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