"Renegade Marketing Duo Reveals How They Catapulted a First Time Author to the Top of Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Barnes and Noble and The New York Times with a Repeatable Formula Known Only By an Elite Few."

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This course is for you if you: 

  • Want to live a lifestyle of ultimate freedom as a paid writer
  • Have been writing your book, but not planned how you’re going to sell it once you’re done.
  • Know a little bit about marketing, but haven’t actually gotten the results you want yet.
  • Are sick and tired of marketing strategies that don't work
  • Realize that you need to invest in your business skills to make a living as an author.
  • Are finally ready to do what needs to be done, for yourself, so you can serve your audience and make great money, great art, and live a life of abundance and freedom.

Every writer dreams of publishing their book and having a large readership.

But have you ever wondered…

Why some first-time authors can publish their book and hit the top of The New York Times out the gate and others get nothing but tumbleweeds?

If it is still worth going with a publisher for your book, or if you can make the dream happen on your own?

Why some people can make millions a year strictly from publishing and marketing books online?

What marketing secrets these people must know that simply aren’t accessible to the average writer to build a strong following online?

And how your life could change if you knew these secrets too?

Well, the truth is…

The Sales Success of Your Book Has Nothing
To Do With How Good It Actually Is.

The initial success of your book has nothing to do with your skill as a writer, the cover, how long it is, what font you use, what genre it is, if its fiction, non-fiction—or anything even close to that.

How could it?

People can't rave about your book if they haven't read it, and they won't read unless they hear about and are compelled to buy it!

And so...

There’s only one thing that controls whether your book is an astounding success and hits the top of every bestsellers list in the industry…or goes to the bottom of the Amazon rankings graveyard, where all good books go to die.

And you know what it is as much as I do.

The difference is marketing. 

The dirty ‘m’ word every writer hates to hear.

But when I say marketing, we’re not talking about excessive self-branding, social media spamming, or any other fluff like that. Don’t even waste your time inhaling that hot air.

We’re talking about proven, repeatable, and brutally effectively strategies that we’ve used dozens of times and have been perfected into not only a science, but an art.

Have You Been Writing, While Others Have Been Marketing?

It’s a fact. The best writers are NOT the ones who make the most money, or have the largest platforms.

The best marketers are.

And most often they are marketer’s who are just kind of good at writing.

But hey, more power to them.

Why? Because there’s more where that comes from.

You have to think…

What if I learned how to market even half as good as my idols?

Just imagine the many ways your life would change. Publishing your books… on your own platform, to your own audience. Communicating with them at any time, asking them what they want to read next… then writing that and selling it to them.

Now I want you to wonder…

What if I learned how to market BETTER than my idols?

That’s it.

That’s why I’m rooting for you. Because you have potential.

Because you don’t have to be JUST an author, writing books for an audience of crickets. And you don’t have to be just a marketer, someone who writes only when dollars make sense.

You have the potential to become the mythical Authorpreneur. *gasp*

Quick definition, “The Authorpreneur is the new era creative capable of both writing AND selling their books.”

The chosen one, who wears both hats at once. Who makes good art while staying true to what you’re inspired to create AND makes real good money by selling out of love to an audience of die-hard fans whom you serve with integrity.

Building an audience is not a pipe dream, it’s possible. It’s happened for us

(multiple times). We’ve helped others achieve this dream. And now we’re going to help you.

Which is why today we’re sharing with you exactly how you can finally make your dream of being a published, paid writer a reality.

Introducing The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula—the Gold Standard of Book Marketing Courses with Experts Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne

The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula

The Exact Strategies We Used To Launch A First-Time Author to the Top of Amazon, Kindle And New York Times

In May of 2016, Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne developed and executed the marketing strategy for launching a first-time author with astounding success, right to the top of the New York Times, Amazon, Kindle and more. We did it using a repeatable formula, that anyone can harness if they put their mind to it.

Since then, we’ve learned even more like exactly what book publishers look for when deciding to give you a 5 figure, or 6 figure cash advance on your book deal. How you can get mass exposure by charting every list with your book’s launch, whether you go with a book deal or not. And how you can achieve the incredible results even if you don’t have a platform of your own.

Between the two of us we have over a decade of experience in direct response marketing, sales, growth hacking and copywriting. We’ve shared stages across South East Asia teaching these strategies to audiences of authors, teachers, experts and entrepreneurs.

Now, we’re sharing everything we know with you.

In the Ultimate Book Marketing Formula we hold NOTHING back and truly bridge the gap between the science of sales and conversion and the art of authorpreneurship.

The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula is a 6-Week experiential program based on the exact strategies we have used with repeat success in the past.

Each lesson is delivered through a visual training, accompanied with the reference slides, written transcripts for those who prefer to read, and any other downloadable associated learning we reference in the training itself.

Each week we share both the core timeless principles at work in these strategies as well as real life screenshots of their effectiveness, and actual examples of how they’ve been implemented, which you can copy directly. Plus, suggestions as to how these strategies can be implemented for any genre of writing.

It is truly the gold standard of book marketing courses.

But here’s some things you’ll find in The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula that truly set it apart.

Introducing Your Teachers,
Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne

Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne are co-founders of Type One Media, a marketing and consulting agency that brings mission-driven businesses to market. They both come from heavy direct-response marketing backgrounds and have leveraged their skills and capacity as a team to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales in the personal growth niche, market a New York Time’s Bestseller, and much, much more.

Now, Colton and Gavin are on a mission to share everything they know about marketing with the authors, teachers and creators of the world. So, the creators of the world can make better art and better money, doing what they love and sharing their message with those who need to hear it.

6 Things That Make The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula Unique

1) These strategies actually work.

Gun to my head, if you apply the strategies we share week to week exactly as we have you will achieve results. How do we know they will work? Because they’ve worked for us, for our clients, and for our students. They are timeless and flexible, repeatable and reliable. No fluff.

2) It’s ‘go at your own pace.’

Yes, it’s a 6-week course. But no, it needn’t take 6 weeks and it sure can take longer. Everyone has their own pace and that’s cool. You can plow through in a weekend and get rolling on your book launch, or you can break it up and mastermind your launch for 6 months in advance. The more of the course you absorb and implement, the better results you achieve. So go at your own pace.

3) Designed to get results.

If you apply the strategies you will see results in the quality and nature of your marketing assets in just the first week. But if you apply all that you learn and use this to orchestrate your own book launch you will launch a bestseller (and know how to keep it in the charts).

4) It’s made by both writers AND marketers. 

Both Colton and Gavin have functions as both paid writers and marketers for years. We know what its like to be a writer and the creative struggles of authorship. We also know what it’s like to be a marketer who will mercenary out their skills to keep food on the table. AND we know what it’s like to fuse both skill-sets and achieve total creative and lifestyle freedom. So, you’re not learning from armchair preachers here. We’ve done our time, and now we want to draw upon our experience and teach our formula to you.

5) This works even if you don’t have a platform.

No list? No problem. We kinda figured you didn’t. Which is why in this course we give you our best strategies for going from zero to one FAST, and easily, with the benefit of a deadline. So you can launch your book and build your platform of readership at the same time, by leveraging the platforms of others in an ethical and win/win way.

6) This works for ALL genres. 

Children’s books. Non-fiction. Romance novels. Personal development. Memoirs. Erotica. You name it. Please. Seriously, I’m running out of genres. Truly, the strategies you are about to learn in our formula work for all genres. Which is probably the most unique thing about The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula. You can truly build an audience to market your book to, who loves the genre you love to write.

When You Sign Up For The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula Today You Will Discover:

✓ Why hundreds of thousands of good books never see the light of day after publishing, and how you can avoid sending your masterpiece to the bottom of the amazon rankings graveyard—where too many good books go to die.

✓ Why a book launch is the best way to focus your efforts, beat procrastination once and for all, and kickstart your professional writing career with an explosive BANG.

✓ The time tested formula for launching the crap out of your book, that is the secret weapon behind all the world's biggest book launches.

✓ Why you should put a compelling back-end sales system on your book, so you can capture more buyers, monetize every lead to the fullest, and provide an immersive experience to your readers.

✓ The fastest way to get your first 1000 readers and rapidly buld a tribe of raving fans, who eagerly await your next release.

✓ The one thing that can cripple your entire book launch, and how you can purposefully avoid it to create lasting, loving fans for life.

✓ How to create a strong alliance dedicated to making your book launch a stratospheric success, with us guiding you every step of the way from finding your launch partners, to recruiting them.

✓ The Godfather Offer that breaks the internet, which is the exact same offer we used to sell tens of thousands of books in less than a week and break all our servers from the sheer volume of traffic that went to the book sales page.

✓ How to evolve from author to authorpreneur, as you transform the success of your book launch into thriving business with ongoing maintained sales that provide you with a lucrative lifestyle that allows you to focus on what you love doing.

✓ The truth about what it actually takes to get to the top of Amazon, Kindle, and the illustrious New York Times, that the book publishing industry doesn’t want you to know.

✓ The exact marketing methods and strategies that writers and authors need to know, in order to make an abundant living in the golden age of self-publishing.

✓ And much, much more…

In The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula You Will Learn Exactly What You Need To Know BEFORE You Publish Your Book, And Rapidly Build Your Adoring Audience

Authors learning how to both write AND sell there books is more important than you know. Truly, it’s the beginning of a new creative renaissance. One, where book publishing has been totally disrupted and creators can make what they want, when they want, and make great livings doing so. Where diversity and art fill the bookshelves across the world, and culture is not dictated merely by what is popular, but by what holds meaning and value. Where everyone can pursue an artists life of self-expression and the joy of doing what you love, and sharing it with an audience who appreciates what you do—all without the shame of starving.

But reaching this place means learning how master marketing, which is why we created this course.

The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula is the most effective marketing course for authors out there. What you will learn over the next 6-weeks will have a more dramatic effect on your career as an author and an artist than any other marketing course you have taken.

Simply, because this course will give you the actionable steps you need to finally put yourself out there as an author and establish both your fanbase and your name as an author.

If you have a thriving readership who eagerly awaits your next release, then look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a 6-week journey that you can take at your own pace, where you will learn the most effective marketing strategies we have learned and battle-tested in our decade long marketing careers… in which, we sold tens of millions of dollars of courses online and marketed a New York Times Bestseller… then The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula IS for you.

And here’s some of what you can expect.

Here’s How Your Course Is Structured: 

Course Outline:

Week 1: The Ultimate Book Sales Page

In the first week of The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula you’ll learn the 12 step fool proof sales page conversion formula we’ve used to sell millions of dollars worth of products online, and tens of thousands of books.

Most authors neglect this critical element and just have an Amazon page, and miss out on the majority of their of sales as a result of not following this formula. And we’ll hand it to you on a silver platter! Plus, when you sign up today you’ll get email support, which means you will get personal feedback on your pages from two of the most sought after copywriters in the industry.

Week 2: Your Book's Back-End

The second week of The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula you’ll learn about the 1000 true fans concept, and how a comparatively small volume of readers can support you as a paid writer.
The key to this is understanding how to capture the contact details of, and continuously communicate with your readers (your tribe!) and make them offers on your own, and other people’s complementary products as an affiliate.

This is where the overwhelmingly majority of profits are to be made, and we’ll show you exactly how to set up, and semi-automate this part of your business

Week 3: Fulfillment Made Easy

The third week of The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula you’ll learn the different ways you can fulfill your book whether its via a publisher, on your own website, Kindle and others. We’ll take you through some of the do’s and don’ts of fulfillment including how to avoid some huge mistakes that could cripple your launch.

Plus we share what path we recommend for most authors, which we would take if starting over from scratch. And, how to create a fulfillment process that is really elegant and enjoyable for your readers along the way.

Week 4: Your Launch Partners

On the fourth week of The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula we’ll teach you a really powerful strategy to accelerate the development of your author platform, and drive a ton of sales, EVEN if you don’t have a an existing platform of your own. And how you can do easily by leveraging the fans of other influencers in your market.

We’ve personally used this strategy multiple times to go from scratch to 1000+ book sales and build a healthy 5 figure income off the back-end of the launch. This is, in our opinion, the best way to get that kick start of traffic and we’ll share everything we’ve learned about doing this with you.

Week 5: The Godfather Offer (Topping the Charts)

This week, we’ll share our infamous “Godfather Offer.” This is a sales sequence promotion that we’ve used dozens of times, in all different markets, that is designed to do one thing… move a HUGE volume of sales in a really short period of time by creating a huge amount of pent up desire, then releasing it all at once.

This formula alone, is worth the price of this course and we’ll share it with you so you can use to create an avalanche of book sales every time you want.

Week 6: From Author to Authorpreneur

So, by the end of this course you will have leveled up your marketing game something fierce. And, if you don’t see it right now, you definitely will by this stage, that there is a HUGE amount of opportunity and potential for you as an author, creator, and of course entrepreneur.

In this week we’ll share with you a road map, for taking what you’ve learned here and harness powerful tools such as automation, outsourcing, and scale to build an empire…

Plus When You Order From This Page Only,
You Get These TWO Free Bonuses

The Renegade Book Marketing Manual (value $37)

The truth is, the book publishing industry is falling apart, and in the Renegade Book Marketing Manual we will teach you how you can take full advantage of this to build your own platform, generate your own sales, and own the channel of communication between you and your readers.

The Renegade Book Marketing Manual is our best introductory training to book marketing—the Renegade way.  In the manual, two accompanying video trainings, and worksheets we will guide you through 4 of the most outrageous successes in our marketing and teaching careers—and break down the techniques and strategies we used in such simplicity you can practically copy and paste them into your business the same day you read them.

The Renegade Book Launch Blueprint (value $37)

Whether you've already written your book, you're writing now, or haven't started yet you need to know how to launch your book—and trust us, you don't want to rely on hope to get your book to the top of Amazon, Audible, or the illustrious New York Times (if you're ambitious).

The Renegade Book Marketing Blueprint is your-by-step guide to creating extraordinary book launches, which will teach you exactly how we launched a first-time author to the top of all of Amazon and the New York Times and how you can engineer your book to be a bestseller. Plus, discover (using these same exact steps) how we launched other authors to all of Amazon again, and featured on FOX, Big Think, Business Insider, Forbes, Financial Times, The Joe Rogan Experience, NBC News, Entrepreneur.com and many others).

All This and More Is Yours When You Order The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula Today

And as our way of saying thanks for sticking with us through the years, you won't be paying the usual retail price of  $697.

You can get full enrollment for The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula
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Think of this sale as our way of saying thank you for sticking with us over the years, and your last chance to get our courses before we take them offline...

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As you can see, The Ultimate Book Marketing Formula is extensive. But the true value of this course goes beyond the marketing skills you need to succeed as an author in the 21st century.

It's the meaning that comes from reading a comment or review on your book after you finally publish it. Knowing that all the early days and late nights spent writing served something more than just yourself. That the joy of creation is something you can share—bringing happiness to others like all of your favorite authors have.

Just imagine what it would be like receive not tumbleweeds, but feedback from your readers. Appreciation. Love. Thanks and gratitude from your audience.

Who is not only thankful for what you’ve done, but also eagerly awaiting your release.

We want you to experience this, too. We want you to…

Take Your Place Besides Us at the Forefront of the New Creative Renaissance

The publishing industry has been disrupted and the new creative renaissance has begun.

Where more and more authorpreneurs are taking this program and stepping fully into their creative power each day.

The only question left is, will you invest in this program and step into your power as a creative entrepreneur?

Or will you go back to more of the same…?

Too afraid to publish your book because of the judgement that comes from putting yourself out there.

Or worse… that when you work up the courage to finally publish your book that nothing will happen at all. Tumbleweeds.

You know the success of your book had nothing to do with you. Or your writing.

It depends 100% on your marketing.

On committing to a realizing timeframe to launch your book, to focus and give yourself a deadline to transition from the way things are now...to the way you want things to be.

This is it, friend.

Take this chance now to step boldly into your own creative power. Use the methods of this to learn the marketing you need to know before you publish your book. Leverage these strategies to build a list of your first 1000 readers. Learn how to make both good money and good art.

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